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Spero Ring- Yellow Gold

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'Spero' Latin for Hope.

'She felt the darkness caress her. Despair was a familiar face to her now. Lives were defined in moments like these. She lifted her chin defiantly to the sky and the stars welcomed her gaze.'

Meet Spero. She is a one of a kind yellow gold hexagon rose cut diamond ring. A delicate and classic design containing a 1/4ct silver grey rose cut diamond. Her unique six claw setting accentuates the gorgeous hexagon shape. Reminiscent of a shining star in the darkest of nights. She is solid sterling silver lovingly coated in a generous layer of 18K yellow gold.

* One of a kind handmade design.

* Solid sterling silver set with a generous layer of 9K yellow gold

* 1/4 of a carat silver grey rose cut diamond. (approx 2-3mm)

*Stacks perfectly with her sisters Spero silver and Spero rose gold.

 Please Note: This ring is a OOAK (One of a kind) design and has been handmade to a US size 7. If you purchase this ring in another size option it will resized free of charge to your desired size. Please allow approx 7-10 days before resized item will be shipped.