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Jewellery Care & Sizing

Jewellery Care

In caring for your jewellery, it’s important to understand the vulnerabilities of precious metals and stones, and apply these to your lifestyle. To carefully maintain your precious piece, we recommend avoiding exposure to any impact, pressure or extreme temperatures. Metal, natural gemstones and even diamonds can crack or chip upon impact with the wrong object. Chemicals and some household substances can weaken metal or damage natural gemstones.

The most important factor in caring for your fine jewellery, is understanding appropriate wear. As much as we want you to love and enjoy wearing your jewellery, its important to remove your jewellery when:

  • Showering or bathing
  • Sleeping
  • Applying cosmetic products or perfumes
  • Exercising, especially at the gym. Fine jewellery can be easily damaged by contact with weights or gym machinery, as well as by heat and pressure such as during yoga practise. Keep it safe and take it off.
  • Cooking, washing up, cleaning
  • Swimming
  • Doing any hands on work, where your jewellery is exposed to chemicals or force.

Depending on your professional life, you will need to carefully assess whether your piece should be worn during working hours. If in doubt about whether you should wear your piece in a specific situation, be safe and take it off. Adhering to these guidelines will assist in maximising the longevity of your piece.

Having trouble working out your ring size?

The best way to figure out your ring size is to go to your local jewellery store and have the sizing done professionally.  

If this is not possible, Starseeker recommends you try to use a manual ring sizing guide to help figure out your size.  *Please note this is only a guide therefore we cannot be responsible for incorrect ring size determination.  

Please contact us with any questions with regard to ring-sizing at